Do you have a hard time with focus?  Are you having trouble with time management? Do you feel that your goals are just out of reach?  These are all typical feelings of those with ADHD.  

Connect the D.O.T.S. of your ADHD brain and 

live your best life!

I provide individual coaching and classes to adults and families to help you harness the superpower of ADHD!  How? Let's break it down:

Lab Experiments



In this strategy and planning session we will look at what is getting in the the way of you living your best life with ADHD.  This wholistic approach will look at everything from your sleep habits to your support systems.  We'll talk about what you have tried before, what worked, and what didn't as well as the changes you would like to make in your life.  

Optimize your ADHD plan



After the discovery phase we will dig into some of the challenges you are facing at a deeper level.  We will celebrate your strengths and explore how to maximize them.  Together we will employ  tools and develop strategies unique to your needs.  You will set goals, and explore  what works best for you and your learning style to achieve those goals in a safe, non-judgemental  space.  

Trust in your ADHD Superpowers



Along this journey you will learn how to leverage your ADHD "superpowers" and gain a new perspective.  You will learn about boundaries and how to honor them for yourself and others.  You will sharpen your skills and load up your toolbox with strategies that work for you. You will learn to how to trust your instincts with confidence and stay true to your core values.    

Succeed with ADHD and live your best life!


As your confidence grows and your perspective shifts you can live your best life with ADHD.  Maya Angelou wrote  that "success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it."  Small steps lead to big changes.  Are you ready?


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