About Tina
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Hi!  Welcome to Busy Brain Coaching.  Thanks for stopping by! Let me tell you a little about myself. 


ADHD and I have been friends my entire life.  I understand the challenges that come with ADHD - procrastination, lack of organization, time management issues, and low self esteem.  I also see the gifts of ADHD - creativity, attention to detail, humor, intelligence, excitement, and more! When my daughter was diagnosed with ADHD, my husband and I struggled to find the help we needed. 


In my journey with my daughter I educated myself and decided to help others find their superpower with ADHD. Through my certification and experience, I created an approach to coaching called Connecting the D.O.T.S. of ADHD. Discover, Optimize, Trust, and Succeed and I love seeing a client connect the D.O.T.S. to live their best life. I believe that with my experience and training I can help you connect the D.O.T.S. too! 


I have also been in the corporate world for over 30 years leading, coaching, and training professionals.  I have developed and taught classes on boundaries, impostor syndrome, strategic thinking, and career planning.  I earned my ADHD Certification through the International ADHD Coach Training Center.  I am Brene’  Brown “Dare to Lead” trained and recently completed Tara Mohr’s “A Coaching Way” program.

If you would like to learn more about how I can help connect the D.O.T.S. of your busy brain, give me a call,

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What People Are Saying

Busy Brain Coaching - ADHD Life Coaching Testimonial


...Tina was very professional, friendly, open minded and asked a lot of great questions that helped me define what I wanted to try and accomplish.  I was so impressed with Tina I ended up working with her on a long-term basis...

Busy Brain Coaching - ADHD Life Coaching Testimonial


...You continually reinforced while we worked together how important it is to show up as yourself, do the right thing, and own your voice even when it was unpopular...

Busy Brain Coaching - ADHD Life Coaching Testimonial


...What I heard today I absolutely resonated with! I’m extremely thankful for all the tips and tricks you gave along the way…This came at the perfect time...