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About Tina
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Hi!  Welcome to Busy Brain Coaching.  Thanks for stopping by! Let me tell you a little about myself. 


ADHD and I have been friends my entire life.  I understand the challenges that come with ADHD - procrastination, lack of organization, time management issues, and low self-esteem.  I also see the gifts of ADHD - creativity, attention to detail, humor, intelligence, excitement, and more! When my daughter was diagnosed with ADHD 15 years ago, my husband and I struggled to find the help we needed. 


In my journey with my daughter, and after my own diagnosis, I educated myself and decided to help others find ways to manage their symptoms of ADHD. Through my certification and experience, I created an approach to coaching called Connecting the D.O.T.S. of ADHD. Discover, Overcome, Trust, and Succeed and I love seeing clients connect the D.O.T.S. to overcome the overwhelm of ADHD so they can go for that new opportunity self-assured, finish projects with ease, and engage in meetings with confidence. I believe that with my experience and training, I can help you connect the D.O.T.S. too! 

I recently retired from a 31+ year career leading, coaching, and training professionals.  I have developed and taught classes on boundaries, impostor syndrome, strategic thinking, and career planning to professionals at Nike, Converse, and Pepsi.  I earned my ADHD Coaching Certification through the International ADHD Coach Training Center.  I am Brene’  Brown “Dare to Lead” trained, completed Tara Mohr’s “A Coaching Way” program, and have applied for ICF certification.

If you would like to learn more about how I can help connect the D.O.T.S. of your busy brain, give me a call,

What Clients Are Saying

Busy Brain Coaching - ADHD Life Coaching Testimonial


After a very tumultuous couple of years, a significant period of depression brought all my ADHD symptoms to the surface.  Tina helped me identify what a solid foundation looks like and where to focus and feel effective.  I have re-established a routine in my life that sets me up for success each week. With coaching from Tina, I feel prepared and organized, in a way I haven’t felt in 2 years. I am excited to work towards my long-term goals and am feeling more energized, balancing time with friends and family.

Busy Brain Coaching - ADHD Life Coaching Testimonial


My ADHD diagnosis is new, and after working with Tina, I am stepping back into my power! I am ambitious and don’t have to be apologetic about going after what I want.  Tina has helped me develop a game plan to prepare for an executive job search, re-launch my business, and enlist my family to take ownership of household responsibilities. I am also learning to be gentle and kind to myself through all these transitions, which is my biggest accomplishment.

Busy Brain Coaching - ADHD Life Coaching Testimonial


Before working with Tina, I felt overwhelmed by my to-do lists and daily obligations. I needed to develop a system that worked for me. Tina’s coaching helped me harness the tools I was already using and showed me how to create systems that help me get and stay organized. Through my coaching with Tina, I now have a routine that gives me the time to plan for the week.  I have the tools to maintain control and stay grounded in my abilities, enabling me to show up more confidently as a leader.

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